Wednesday, March 10, 2010

You Can Change Your Mind Too

As babies we are born without negative thoughts about ourselves, or our lives. It isn't long before  we became exposed to beliefs and ideas. Our thinking becomes shaped by our life experiences, and interaction with the people around us. This exposure, over time, tends to programme our memories. This learning is commonly  referred to as automatic thinking or conditioning.

Thought is the ability to create images in our head. We tend to see our world through conditioned experiences of the past. When we don’t understand the role of our thinking we are at the mercy of whatever contaminated thoughts we have learned from our past. Until we understand the process of how thinking impacts emotions and behaviours, we are a slave to, or a product of our previous conditioning.

The great ability all of us have is to create our own thoughts. We are the creator of our own thoughts and perceptions. We choose our outlook. These thoughts can be a buffer against life's adversities, setbacks and failures. Our choice of thoughts will determine how we feel, and how we will respond to our environment.

How things look, how we feel and what we do are effects of thought. What we experience in life is determined by how we think. Our moment to moment outlook is very much dependent on the quality of our thinking.

The ability to recognise that we are the originator of all the thoughts in our mind alerts us to step outside them and not take bad thoughts seriously. How can we be afraid of something we have created? The past is alive only in our memory.

When we experience ourselves as the thinker, the creator of our own life, we can break free from past conditioning. We are then master of our own experience of the world. This puts us in the position that no thought has power over us because we made it up, we created it - we control it.

This realisation gives the power to see things differently to break with the past and establish new productive attitudes and behaviours Real self-empowerment takes place when we realise we are the thinker of our own thoughts and creator of our own feelings and destiny.


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